Monday, 10 October 2011

My new experience

Hi sorry I haven't posted for awhile. I can't post any pic's because I left my camera at Gran's. But I can post about other stuff. Getting on with my day. We have some Americans staying for 5 days at our house. I have never had any one but family come to live with us so it is a new experience for me. There names are Nora and Rebekah. Nora is 20, and Rebekah is 21. Rebekah comes from Canada and Nora is from Pennsylvania. They are sharing my room.

Thanks for reading about my experience.

God Bless.


PS. A challenge is coming up or a Quiz or maybe both.


  1. COOL! How come they are staying with you?

  2. PS. We have had 2 American's stay with us too!


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